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Oldman River In-Stream Water Quality Model, Canada

Junior Consultant for model development, calibration and sensitivity testing for the Oldman River water quality model. Assisted in the preparation of a detailed report documenting the EFDC model development, including hydrodynamic calibration, macrophyte calibration, epilithic algae calibration, temperature calibration, water quality calibration, dissolved oxygen calibration, bacteria calibration. Sensitivity and uncertainty analysis were also performed. Client: Alberta Environment and Sustainable Resources Development, Edmonton, Alberta

Little Bow River In-Stream Water Quality Model, Canada

Consultant for model development, calibration and sensitivity testing for the Little Bow River water quality model. Calibrated hydrodynamic, water quality (macrophyte, epilithic algae, temperature, dissolved oxygen etc) and performed sensitivity and uncertainty analysis on various water quality boundary conditions. Client: Alberta Environment and Parks

Hydrodynamic and Sediment transport model of NewTown Creek

Worked as a reviewer for the hydrodynamic and sediment transport modeling using EFDC model in NewTown Creek. Tasks included data analysis, performance, calibration and verification of the model. Collaborated and developed strategic plans for remedial investigation (RI) and feasibility study (FS).

Hydrodynamic Modeling of Lay Reservoir, Alabama

Worked as a consultant for model calibration and sensitivity study on Lay Reservoir, Alabama.

Hydrologic and Hydrodynamic modeling of Wolf Bay and Perdido Bay

Research associate for the development of hydrologic and hydrodynamic modeling of Wolf Bay and Perdido Bay as a part of the project “Impacts of human activities and climate change on water resources and ecosystem health in the Wolf Bay Basin: A Coastal Diagnostic and Forecast System (CDFS) for integrated assessment”. Developed LSPC model for hydrologic modeling and EFDC model for hydrodynamic modeling to support the CDFS system.

Hydrodynamic-hydrothermal modeling of Mobile River, and Greene County power plant

Worked as a researcher during PhD program in Auburn University. Developed hydrodynamic-hydrothermal model to simulate flow patterns and temperature distributions due to plant Greene County in Black Warrior River between Selden Lock and Dam (L&D) and Demopolis L&D.

Flow and travel time and Density Current Study in Black Warrior River.

Black Warrior River bounded by Lewis Smith Lake and Bankhead Lock and Dam is a complex system where density current is formed due to the release of cold water from the upstream (Smith Lake) for the support of the power plant operation of plant Gorgas. Developed HECRAS model and EFDC model to understand the density current under different flow conditions from the upstream reservoir.

Hydrologic and hydrodynamic modeling of Black Warrior River

Worked as a research assistant and used WARMF and BASINS hydrological modeling tools to understand and estimate the flow, and temperature time series from the surrounding sub-basins to the Black Warrior River to support the hydrologic and hydrodynamic modeling of Black Warrior River. I developed EFDC hydrodynamic model incorporating all the inflows from the tributaries, sub-basins, and power plant (Gorgas) intake and discharge to estimate the flow release patterns from the upstream reservoir to optimize the power plant operation.